WHAT? What is this blog about?

Nancy has a hundred stories (or more) in her brain. This blog is about moving them from mind to manuscript.

Two ideas are already well under way:
One is a children's picture/counting  book.  It is in proposal form and awaiting review by a publisher.

The second is a memoir which began as a short story, but which appears to be evolving into a book for adults. Time will tell. It's about love and war and the intersection of two very different families.

Titles for other books are swirling around, and story ideas pop up every day on walks with her dog, Mugo, or while reading or working in her garden.  The next picture book is taking form and she has photos to use for the illustrations. It's about a dog, but not Mugo (this time).

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  1. Have you tried submitting to Dawn Publications. They just released some counting picture books that appear similar to yours. see example: http://www.dawnpub.com/our-books/over-in-the-forest/

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  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into this company. Your site is a delight. Thanks for visiting my blog!